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Wadebridge Supermarket decisions deferred

by Jeremy Rowe on 14 October, 2010

The three supermarket applications due for consideration by Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee have been deferred while a further report on their likely impact on the local economy is awaited. The Morrison’s application had been recommended for refusal while the proposed Sainsbury’s store and the extension for the existing Tesco were marked for approval. There […]

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Wadebridge supermarket decisions will not be webcast

by Jeremy Rowe on 13 October, 2010

Following the well-attended public meeting in Wadebridge Town Hall last week I asked the Communications staff at Cornwall Council to consider webcasting Thursday’s Strategic Planning Committee meeting live from New County Hall. This is the forum which will deliberate on the Tesco, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s supermarket applications affecting the parishes of Egloshayle, St Breock and […]

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Public Meeting in Wadebridge (again)

by Jeremy Rowe on 8 October, 2010

Last night Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee held a public meeting in Wadebridge Town Hall to hear the views of local people with regard to the planning applications submitted by three major supermarkets. The meeting was well handled by the Chairman, Mike Varney, and was an opportunity for all sides to have their say. I […]

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An unexpected debate about ragwort

by Jeremy Rowe on 6 July, 2010

I’ve received a couple of comments (or, more precisely, a comment and a trackback) to this page regarding a recent piece I posted about ragwort. I must admit, at the time I gave little further thought to what I considered to be a simple seasonal information item. That was before the comments came. The comment […]

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by Jeremy Rowe on 30 June, 2010

The ragwort season is once again upon us. I normally spend the summer season driving Cornwall Council’s Highways Department mad with constant requests to remove this potentially poisonous weed from roadside verges, and now I’d like to encourage you to do the same. Ragwort is an unattractive weed which seems to grow everywhere throughout the […]

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One Chance for Change

by Jeremy Rowe on 25 April, 2010

More than any other, this election has been the one in which the candidates have all talked about change. But what are the political parties really offering? Labour have the hardest job trying to sell the idea of ‘change’ to a weary electorate. Gordon Brown looks to have run out of steam, and their position […]

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Julian German, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for Waste, has today told BBC Radio Cornwall’s Laurence Reed show that the Tory-led administration is considering moving to fortnightly rubbish collections after all. In many respects this is hardly breaking news, as the Cabinet’s own budget papers from December included a line about the move, but […]

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Public Demand Answers Over Council’s Office Plans

by Jeremy Rowe on 22 January, 2010

At short notice a public meeting was held in Wadebridge this morning to give members of the public a chance to have a say on Cornwall Council’s plans to reduce the number of office buildings it uses, and in particular to discuss the proposed sale of Higher Trenant. This meeting wasn’t arranged by the Cabinet, […]

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The Future of Higher Trenant – Update

by Jeremy Rowe on 6 January, 2010

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet will be considering ‘options’ for the former NCDC Higher Trenant site at Wadebridge on Monday 25th January, not Wednesday 13th as had been previously advertised. I’m told that the Cabinet are ‘relaxed’ about the potential disposal of the building and that the recommendation they will consider will be worded along the lines […]

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Council fails to rule out fortnightly rubbish collections

by Jeremy Rowe on 16 December, 2009

As I posted here a couple of days ago, Cornwall Council’s Draft Budget Proposal was discussed at Cabinet today and included a mere line or two about proposals to move to fortnightly rubbish collections in the east and west of the Duchy (including North Cornwall). The Lib Dem Group Leader, Doris Ansari, was the first […]

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