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The Emergency Budget

by Jeremy Rowe on 4 December, 2010

Yesterday, rescheduled at short notice, Cornwall Council held a long meeting to discuss the Conservative-led administration’s “emergency” budget. (I posted our group’s four amendments here a few days ago, and it won’t surprise you to learn that the Council’s ruling coalition were able to summon enough votes to ensure that none of them were passed. […]

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Cornwall Council’s Emergency Budget Meeting

by Jeremy Rowe on 29 November, 2010

Cornwall Council meets tomorrow to discuss and decide on the Tory-led administration’s ‘Emergency’ Budget proposals. Given the climate of cuts coming from the Coalition government some changes to the Council’s budgetary arrangements will be unavoidable but tomorrow’s proposals are deeply flawed in many respects, not least the concept of ‘front-loading’ whereby the administration plans to […]

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Those councillors and members of the public who attended the recent Communities Committee budget scrutiny meeting all appear to have left the room with the same impression of the short term future of Camelford Leisure Centre. The facility had been threatened with closure due to the removal of Cornwall Council funding but – at the […]

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Lost: Localism at Cornwall Council

by Jeremy Rowe on 4 November, 2010

Confusion reigned at today’s Communities Committee when the topic of Localism was raised. Previously this area of the Council’s work had been scrutinised by this committee but questions were raised today as to why it had been moved outside of our remit and who made the decision. Nobody seemed to know. An officer was dispatched […]

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A day of scrutiny

by Jeremy Rowe on 4 November, 2010

Cornwall Council’s ‘Scrutiny’ committees have been meeting this week to examine the Tory-led administration’s emergency budget proposals. Today was the turn of the committee I sit on, the Communities OSC. Our remit, among other things, is to scrutinise the Cabinet’s plans for Fire & Rescue, Housing, Libraries, Leisure Services, Historic Collections and Culture. The meeting […]

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Openness and Transparency Episode #964

by Jeremy Rowe on 26 October, 2010

As the BBC’s Graham Smith and my colleague Alex Folkes have written, there were some curious scenes at the Cornwall Council press conference held to reveal the budget proposals due to go before this week’s Cabinet meeting. The Lib Dem Group Leader, Doris Ansari, was told to leave because the event was ‘private’. This is […]

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Word reaches me that, 116 days after Cornwall Council’s Electoral Review Panel resolved to write to the Deputy Prime Minister, there may finally be some movement from the powers-that-be at County Hall. A letter has apparently been drafted for approval by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Panel which would (hopefully) then be dispatched […]

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Does ‘Localism’ have a future in Cornwall?

by Jeremy Rowe on 19 October, 2010

At the September meeting of Cornwall Council I asked a question of Lance Kennedy, the Conservative Cornwall Council Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities. I wanted to know why the only mention of Localism (a major part of his remit) which had consistently appeared in his reports to Council was with regard to the ‘Newquay Safe’ […]

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Cornwall Council – Live Webcast

by Jeremy Rowe on 18 October, 2010

Cornwall Council’s next full meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th October and will once again (technical issues permitting) be webcast live. If you would like to watch click on this link at around 10.30am on the day or log on to the Cornwall Council homepage and follow the directions from there. If you can’t […]

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100 days to write a letter

by Jeremy Rowe on 14 October, 2010

When Presidents and governments are elected much is often written about the first ‘100 days’. Famously, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first hundred days in the White House in 1933 were seen as a hive of activity, as initiative after initiative for tackling the Great Depression poured forth from the administration. Cornwall Council tend to do things […]

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